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Home Remedies for Wart Removal

Home Remedies for Wart Removal by Alyssa Green

As we all know warts are not only embarrassing but a real eye sore. Thankfully there are many ways that one can remove them safely and naturally using simple Home remedies. When it comes to wart removal more and more people are taking the decision to remove their own warts. According to the British Journal of medicine they found no clear or concise evidence that any of the medical treatments available today have a higher cure rate than natural home remedies or folk remedies or fewer side effects for that matter.

Using Duct Tape is one of the most effective and popular wart removal methods and was reported in the Archives of pediatrics & Adolescent medicine the October 2002 issue. The method is as follows: One cuts a small piece of duct tape just big enough to cover the wart. You then leave it on for five or six days. During this time if the original piece of duct tape falls off just replace with a new one immediately. At the end of the 5 or 6 days remove the tape and soak wart in water, then gently rub the wart with a pumice stone. Leave tape off overnight then reapply the next day. Repeat the complete process until the wart is gone. This method should not take longer than 2 months.

Essential oil of tea tree is a powerful antiseptic which kills most bacteria and thus is an extremely potent method of wart removal. This method is also very popular due to its very high rate of success. Just apply essential tea tree oil directly on the wart daily until it disappears. This method should not take to many applications due to its effectiveness.

The taking of Echinacea pills will assists the healing of mild skin infections thus also making it a great help for warts. Take one or two pills a day as prescribed on the bottle. Echinacea was highly used by Native American Indians as a universal remedy for just about everything. By the early 1900's it was the most popular herb in medical practice in the USA. Echinacea is still one of the most prescribed herbal products worldwide.

Other common and popular methods of Home Remedies for Wart Removal include applying a single drop of essential lemon oil directly on the wart itself. Repeat as necessary until wart is gone.

Aloe has been used for hundreds of years apparently for wart removal. One can use it in either plant form which I feel is more potent or in cream form. Apply on wart until it's gone. Aloe will of course also speed up the healing process.

Rubbing a banana peel on your wart for a few weeks as well is supposed to be a big help. One should rub the banana peel multiple times during the course of the day for maximum effectiveness.

In conclusion I would like to add that In addition to being a low-cost way to have your warts removed, another advantage to using home remedies is the privacy you will get. Home remedies are usually carried out at home. This means that you should be able to do them on your own, without assistance from anyone else, including a healthcare professional (which will save you a lot of money) This means that if you are embarrassed about your warts, you may prefer to stay in the comfort of your own home; the use of a home remedy will allow you to do just that.

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